Screen Saver Give-Away

We are thoroughly convinced that we have the best community. Every time we see your face light up over something we are doing, or we get a new follower on Instagram, or one of you gives us an incredible encouraging compliment, something new and exciting shifts in our hearts. We are endlessly thankful for you!

Which why we have put a little something together just for you!

To say thank you and celebrate over 1,000 of you wanting to be apart of our mission (via our Instagram following), we have invited 6 of our favorite designers and artists to join us in creating 8 different FREE iphone (and other phone's too!!) screen savers! 

Everyone was given the statement, "Where there is unity, there is always victory" to be inspired by, and we may be a little bias, but what they came up with is OFF THE CHARTS. Thank you to everyone who has united with us, because we have experienced more victory than ever before! 

Scroll down to view and download any, or all of the amazing designs below and get them on your phone screen now!!

Evan Donnelly ||   || @evaaandonnelly

Evan Donnelly || || @evaaandonnelly

Max Morin ||   || @maxdmorin

Max Morin || || @maxdmorin

Sam Cooper ||   || @timberandbluff

Sam Cooper || || @timberandbluff

Jarod Faw ||   || @jarodfaw || @apseadorn

Jarod Faw || || @jarodfaw || @apseadorn

Laura Wren ||   || @laura.lee.phillips

Laura Wren || || @laura.lee.phillips

Hayley Boyd ||   || @apseadorn

Hayley Boyd || || @apseadorn

Laura Lucy || || @lauralucy_f

Laura Lucy || || @lauralucy_f

Kalie Presteen ||   || @kalie_presteen

Kalie Presteen || || @kalie_presteen

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