gold options on the market

+ which ones you should be investing in


Hello friends,

We are excited to announce that we have recently switched out our 14k gold plated items, for 14k gold-filled and vermeil, as well as solid 14k. That language may sound foreign & strange, but don’t worry, we are going to break it all down for you right here.

But you can trust us when we say, its truly an big and important quality upgrade to all apse pieces! Yay!


First lets quickly break down all the gold and gold tone options currently on the market:

First, lets begin with the most inexpensive option, Brass/Bronze.

You may see these super common base metal materials described as “gold tone”. Where these items will often be on the cheaper end, you do, in a way, end up paying the price in maintenance and upkeep as they tend to tarnish easily. However, they wont ever deteriorate, which make them excellent metals to Gold Plate.

Next on the scale of quality is Gold Plated jewelry.

Gold plated pieces are created in the process by which gold is electrically charged onto a base metal, which can vary in quality depending. In our case (up until recently) we plated brass.

The brass piece would be dipped quickly into a bath of liquid gold solution, The thickness of gold can vary based on how long its in the gold bath. Sometimes, these pieces can also contain nickel, which is the #1 protagonist of skin sensitivities. Thankfully, we plated with about 3x more than the industry standard amount, and also plated without nickel or other common allergy inducing metals.

But now, we have graduated all our gold plated to Gold Vermeil!

Vermeil (pronounced VER-MAY) is the highest standard of gold plated jewelry. It involves a similar chemical process as gold plating does, however, in order to be considered vermeil, the gold must be 2.5 microns thick (about 5x the amount of gold typically found on standard gold plated) & the base metal must be .925 sterling silver.

Due to these two differentiating characteristics, these pieces should hold their plating for years, even lifetimes, with proper care. And they are always sensitive skin safe, since vermeil pieces are only composed of 14k gold and .925 sterling silver!

Diagram sourced from  Studio Cosette .

Diagram sourced from Studio Cosette.

Now for the completely new materials on our roster.

Introducing Gold-Filled and Solid 14K!

Gold filled is a semi-precious metal made by the permanent bonding of gold to a base of either copper or brass by heat & pressure.

This is typically more durable and thicker than a gold plated piece & the price reflects that. And again, allergies truly shouldn’t be an issue here! Yaaaas.

Its simple, its clean, its high quality, however, it has a lot of limitations when it comes to how it can be manipulated. Which means some of our favorite designs just can’t be made with it.

Which is why you’ll see a split between vermeil and gold-filled options. Comparatively, they are super similar in quality, but allow for different design possibilities.

Solid gold is incredibly valuable. In it’s purest form, gold is soft in texture & a saturated yellow color. This means that it must be alloyed (mixed with other metals) to make it more substantial & wearable. The purity of gold is articulated through karats. 24k is the purest form of gold, where 14k has a small amount of alloy to harden it. We believe 14k has the most lovely color and will withstand scratching the best. And since its a solid precious metal, it will truly stand the test of time.


we care for you!

we want our pieces to be accessible to many, while also embracing quality.

How to care for non-solid gold pieces!

Purchasing a gold item that is not solid 14k (or above), means that you do have to take care of your piece to ensure it looks its best for as long as possible!

For ANY gold item that is not solid 14k, we recommend that you take off your piece before exercising, showering, swimming, applying makeup, moisturizing, etc.

We do also suggest that when not wearing it, to store it in a dry area, such as a ceramic dish or the original packaging. For you care nerds, you can even store it in a plastic bag for extra protection.


When you order from us, we always provide appropriate polishing cloths and care instructions specific to the materials you invested in. Do not use anything more abrasive than the provided cloth, as it will most likely result in damage.

The only materials that can truly withstand these sort of activities is solid 14k gold.

And thats truly the magic behind it.

Solid gold is meant to be worn day in and day out.

Its made to never be taken off and to truly become apart of you/

Its recyclable and extremely environmentally friendly.

It can be polished and repaired.

It can be melted down and made into something new.

Its forever an instant investment that can be cashed in.

And believe it or not, its for these reasons that it actually is the best bang for your buck.

Solid 14k is to other gold options what buying a house is to renting one. By investing in solid gold and high quality precious metal options [as opposed to watching your bank account disintegrate into jewelry (and other fashion) items that have no material value and deteriorate after one season] you are putting your dollar directly back into yourself, and all through a beautiful, fashionable and sustainable means.

[ Other solid precious metals that we offer do perform well under harsh conditions, such as sterling silver, however, we will always recommend to proceed with care :) ]


Offering 14K solid gold, 14K gold fill, & 14K gold vermeil means that we can make our designs available to a wide range of budgets & share these sweet and powerful emblems of identity despite it.

The longevity & quality of the pieces we make at Apse is extremely important to us; we want the jewelry that you choose to adorn yourself with to last you years & years to come. We want these messages of identity to impact you AND your kids, AND your grandkids or whoever you may one day pass them onto.

And now more than ever before, you have the power to choose!

Wishing you all the best,


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