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A timeless gold disc pendant with your engraving of choice, as drawn by Hayley herself. 50% of these proceeds go to benefit our non-profit partner, DVSAS located in Bellingham, WA. To learn more about DVSAS head to our Causes page.


The two different creatures on these little pendants are the yucca flower and the yucca moth. These two have a symbiotic relationship, meaning they mutually provide basic needs for one another, keeping each other alive and healthy. This concept is found in various places in nature, but what makes these two special is that this can only happen between a specific species - the yucca flower has 50 different species and each one has a specific species of moth that can pollinate it. Each moth has a flower which has been made for it. 

The ways in which they provide for one another are special as well. The moth pollinates the flower and nurtures it so that it can thrive, and the flower provides a nest or a shelter, as well as nourishment for the offspring of the moth - its petals closing when a moth lays its eggs. The yucca serves as a sanctuary for the moths, and the moths serve as a cultivator of the yucca. 

The yucca flower, in its sanctuary-like properties, is a white desert flower, and its petals are so reflective that they light up the desert in the dead of the night - often leading lost travelers to safety, out of barrenness and abandonment, and becoming a beacon for its special moth even in total darkness. The yucca flower is a symbol of power to overcome the odds and darkness and of the hope of an advocate. The moth represents the supply of life within all of us - in its many different forms. We all have a special, powerful, and beautiful gift to give, and that beauty can be abused and mistreated simply because of its greatness and ability to keep an entire species alive and well. But the reminder of the yucca flower - the beacon and shelter that is a saving light, sustained by the supply of the moth - serves as a reminder that these lovely gifts in all of us were made to bring security, freedom, and abundance. That there is an advocate for you, a safe place here to nurture you and a life source that wants to bless you and distinguish the fear of abandonment. 

These necklaces can be worn alone, or as a set. Give the yucca flower to the advocate and beacon in your life as a symbol of the selfless devotion they've shown you, or wear either pendants as a reminder of this relationship and the promise of advocacy over the beauty within you.


- 5/8" pendant

- 14k Gold Vermeil , Sterling Silver or Solid 14K

- USA sourced, handmade in Bellingham, WA 


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