apse (aps/), or all people’s shackles exchanged is handcrafted jewelry designed with unique, poetic reminders of your identity.

Every piece is designed with a narrative intended to inspire and encourage you in who you are, just as you are.

We believe that what we choose to put on is often a representation of what we believe about ourselves.

Therefore, we hope you can use our jewels and their prose to remind yourself of

what is at your core,

what makes your future bright,

and help you choose to believe in your strengths, not fear your weaknesses.

We encourage you to use these emblems to adorn yourself and others in the beauty you see in them, so we all might exchange what weighs us down for what lights us up.

We believe that when you believe in yourself, you will make beautiful things happen; that when you know who you are, you are truly adorned.


We handcraft every one of our pieces, from beginning to end, in our Bellingham, WA studio. We are committed to sourcing materials that are ethically and responsibly manufactured and our employees are so much more than employees.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our business gives life, not takes.

Our passion for this is why with every purchase, you get the opportunity to donate 10% of the profits to 1 of 3 non-profits working to exchange shackles for adornedness for those who are caught in a cycle of sexual abuse.

Your purchase will directly help educate the public about the causes of sexual violence and how to prevent it, as well as support services providing legal advocacy, rescues, protection and recovery programs for survivors.

Through your purchase, you are restoring identities and fighting for the well-being of hearts, minds and bodies on an extremely intimate level.

For more information about how we approach ethical production, visit our journal “What Ethically Made Means to Us” or take a peek inside our studio here.

For more information on our materials visit our “FAQ” or our journal “Gold Options Worth Investing In”

And for more information on the causes we support, visit our “Causes” page.

If you ever have any questions about your products or methods, please email us at hello@apse.us





Co-Founder & Creative Director

Hayley is the visionary and initiator of apse. Her intuitive eye and her heart for fearlessness and community are a winning combination. Consistently pursuing what is loving over what is easy, Hayley is a true heroine. 

Enneagram: 4

Likes: 1 on 1 conversations, early morning outdoor activities with her pup & making things happen

Dislikes: goat cheese & daylight savings

Name Meaning: "Majestic Hero"



Photography, Styling and Retail Angel

Ashton is a cultivator of all things beautiful. Her vision for vibrancy and talent for capturing moods makes our hearts spin and eyes google. She is the sweetest of the sweethearts and her smile is literally contagious - look out.

Enneagram: 2

Likes: Fresh summertime figs, old hollywood movies and Link, her adorable little pooch

Dislikes: That her foot size inhibits her from wearing vintage shoes

Name meaning: “Sunny town of strength”

jarod story.JPG


Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jarod is a mobilizer and nurturer. Known for never leaving a stone unturned, he oils the machine of apse and makes the gears turn. His consistent love of sound making, he forever makes the studio a lively place to be.

Enneagram: 1

Likes: fidgeting with Spotify, working in the garden & drumming for Marietta with his buds

Dislikes: being tickled & sarcasm 

Name Meaning: "Rose Warrior"



Production Systems and Product Development

Jake is a navigator and adventurer. A goldsmith by trade, he brings a technical edge and fine jewelry expertise to the team. We love his ability to creatively problem solve any task and capture our attention with a script-worthy story.

Enneagram: 3

Likes: Hot desert climates, treasure hunting and cooking up breakfast delights

Dislikes: Rattlesnakes & “the man”

Name meaning: “Gracious courage”